Chris Wilson-Andoh is a charismatic leader, visionary and provocative thinker who serves as senior pastor of Calvary International Christian Centre,

He is a pastor of pastors with a servant’s heart and has a deep-seated burden for ministry. He also has a passion for the lost which has been a motivating factor in his life. His ministry is mightily marked by the spirit of wisdom and understanding. He is passionately committed to raising leaders and mentoring them. He is the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Blessed of the Father’, a charity that caters for the homeless and less privileged. He truly has the spirit of a servant, father and shepherd.
His uncompromising, yet compassionate way of preaching brings liberty to his listeners as they receive Godly solutions to practical daily issues of life and the freedom to live victorious and prosperous lives.
Celebrating more than 20 years of marriage, Chris and Gloria Wilson-Andoh are parents to two children. He credits his parents as the source of his perseverance and sense of self-reliance. After more than 20 years in ministry, Chris continues to be a leading voice of innovation, inspiration, and influence in Christendom today.


First Lady

Gloria Wilson-Andoh has been involved in ministry for more than twenty years serving alongside her husband. As an insightful speaker, she draws heavily from her education, background and life experiences. A firm and loving woman on and offstage. as she is affectionately referred to by The CICC family, possesses the rare ability to reach and stir her audiences as she works to complement her husband’s ministry.
In addition to raising two children, she has assumed an active role in CICC where her husband serves as Senior Pastor. She is founder of the much-acclaimed “Sisters” A Life Enrichment program for women. She is also a sought after conference speaker at women’s conferences in various countries
She has an up close and personal preaching style that challenges her listeners to serve as blessings to their families and generation


Calvary international church center

Pastor Samuel Adjei Appiah

Resident Pastor CICC Leeds

Pastor William Obeng

Resident Pastor of CICC Bradford

Minister Sheila Lamptey


Minister Beulah Mashingaidze


Minister Michael Baidu

Resident Pastor CICC Manchester

Minister Kiran Wilson-Andoh

Resident Pastor CICC Hull



Samuel Adjei Appiah serves as the Resident Pastor of CICC Leeds. His devotion to God is anchored on service and faithfulness and this is very evident in his passion and commitment to the house of God.

He truly is anointed and called for this generation.

He holds a PhD in Transport Planning from the University of Leeds and is married to Mrs Christelle Adjei Appiah.



William Kwaku Obeng serves as a Pastor in Calvary International Christian Centre (CICC), Bradford. He joined CICC Leeds as a member. He then joined the media team and headed the maintenance team simultaneously. He later transitioned to a minister before becoming a Pastor. He also worked with the protocol team of the church as a leader. 

He holds an MSc. in Chemical Engineering from the university of Nottingham and a Postgraduate Diploma in Energy & Environmental Engineering from the University of Sheffield. He is working as an Energy Engineer (specialising in Energy Storage).

He is married to Evelyn Addo Obeng and are blessed with four children.



Sheila Lamptey is a minister in CICC Leeds. She is in charge of the hospitality department. She has a natural care for the flock of God and will always go the extra mile to be of help to them. She has an authentic helps ministry which is evident in her hospitality and hosting of guest ministers. She is also the minister in charge of the Middleton Chapel and assists with “Sisters” (CICC ladies ministry). She is married to Mr Fredrick Lamptey and they have three children.



Minister Beulah Mashingaidze has been head of department for the Music department for 5 years until 2019 where she moved on to be head of department for the church charity called Blessed of the Father which is an affiliate of Calvary International Christian Centre and has recently started the stage designing crew who design the stage in preparation to the service being preached on a Sunday. She is also a Chapel Leader for Armley Bramley Chapel one of CICC’s community church groups.

She has studied a diploma in Finance and is currently working as a Finance assistant. She has also studied Diploma in Music; Diploma in Fashion Designing and is currently enrolled at University of Kent for a Master’s degree in Philanthropy.



Michael Baidu is a PhD Researcher in the Institute of Climate and Atmospheric Science in the University of Leeds.

He is the head of the Prayer Department and the Resident pastor of CICC Manchester.

The Prayer Department of the church is the main intercessory body of the church. This is made up of a group of intercessors who constantly pray for the church and the leadership. There is always a very powerful atmosphere of intense fellowship with the Spirit of God.



Kiran Wilson-Andoh is the Resident Pastor of CICC Hull, a thriving church in the heart of Hull. He has a strong passion and desire to see the unsaved find the truth and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

He is an avid book reader and enjoys playing the piano, bass guitar, and drums in his personal time. Minister Kiran graduated with a degree in  Economics from the University of Hull and currently works as an IT consultant in Leeds